“We The People” – Taking Back America One State At A Time

Occupy Wall Street is spreading all across the country to hundreds of cities, including Portland, Maine. Mainstream media is calling it a protest. This isn’t a protest, it is a grassroots REVOLUTION by “We the People” to take back our country.

This will be the introduction for a Series on this exciting new movement, reminiscent of the beginnings of the Civil Rights and the Anti-war movements of the ’60s. Apparently leaderless, what started in NYC has quickly morphed into a nation-wide expression of anger and dissatisfaction with our elected officials and the monied interests who have taken over government and public policy in America.

These occupy groups are standing in solidarity with similar grassroots “uprisings” in the Middle East and all across Europe. It seems to me that the world is waking up to the moral injustice of endless wars, corrupt financial systems, and dysfunctional, immoral government.

What I have been witnessing in downtown Portland, contrary to what mainstream media has been portraying, is a very focused, informed, and passionate expression of what democracy, morality, and justice mean.  Ordinary Americans of every age, walk of life, race and religion want to take back the Constitution and return our government to The People.

I have been videotaping interviews of many of the people camping out in the park next to the County Court building and spreading the message every day in Monument Square that I will begin posting on Youtube, Facebook and my blog in the days and weeks to come.

The signs in this introductory video tell the whole story. Handmade, mostly on cardboard, they express very clearly what this revolution is all about. America is experiencing a re-awakening. As one sign read, “We are One, and we are here to stay.” Michael Moore expressed it this way, “I refuse to live in a country likes this. And, I’m not leaving.”

Neither am I, and I don’t think that I’m alone.

Enjoy the video and pass it on.