The Bangor Daily News Violates Own Comment Policy

Over the past several months following the continuous negative reporting by reporter Nick Sambides about Roxanne Quimby’s vision for a new national park on her own land in the Maine Woods, the Bangor Daily News has consistently allowed comments by hundreds of anonymous cowards that ridicule, attack, demean, and slander Ms. Quimby.

This week, the BDN allowed hundreds and hundreds of vitriolic attacks on Ms Quimby that were in blatant violation of their on-line comment policy to treat others with the same respect they’d want for themselves, to avoid personal attacks and name-calling. I was so outraged that I sent a letter to the editor demanding that all of those comments be removed, that they pay someone to review comments before publication, and that they issue a formal apology to their readers and Ms Quimby.

By allowing this outrage to continue, the BDN has lost all respect and credibility of a professional news organization and have lowered themselves to several steps below grocery store tabloids!

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to email or write letters to the editor expressing  outrage at this gross injustice and violation of their own policies.