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State Senator Cynthia Dill Addresses Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

Senator Cynthia Dill has become an outspoken supporter of a new national park in the State of Maine. On Thursday, August 18, 2011, she attended a large gathering of the citizens of Millinocket, Maine and the region and told the Secretary that she was in favor of a new park and a feasibility study.

I met Cynthia earlier this year in Cape Elizabeth and asked her why the Maine State Legislature had approved of a “resolution” opposing a national park. Basically, it was rammed through without public input or discussion during the closing moments of the session when legislators where tired, anxious to go home and were not paying much attention. Cynthia was one of only three legislators who opposed the resolution.

Cynthia since has taken on the cause and is sure to revisit this issue in the next session of the legislature.

Anyone who supports the creation of a new national park in the Maine Woods should visit her Facebook Cause page and begin to interact with a growing number of supporters.


You can also watch Cynthia’s statements to Secretary Salazar and the 300 or so people who gathered at Stearns High School.