Sister Stella Cho on U.S. Role in Korea

One evening at dinner, I sat next to Sr. Stella, a Korean missionary sister with a great sense of humor and a good command of the English language. After dinner and a delightful conversation, Sr. Stella asked, “so why not interview me. I want to tell Obama and the American people something.”

How could I refuse? Sitting next to the 20 ft barbed wire fence of the base, with the light fading fast and a fire burning to keep warm on that cool evening, Sr. Stella with all the confidence in the world and the passion of her convictions, let it rip.

She is one of hundreds of Catholic nuns from Korea and Jeju Island who visit Gangjeong Village frequently to stand in solidarity with the villagers and activists in their struggle against the construction of the naval base that is destroying the environment and their village, not to mention the denial of their human rights to live peacefully there as they have done for over one thousand years.

Even today, some 10 months removed from my stay in Gangjeong Village, I am overcome with tears and emotion as I watch the final feature-length version of The Ghosts of Jeju.

I am sure you will enjoy meeting Sr. Stella and be moved by her message.