Katahdin: The Mountain of the People

Anyone who cares for the land and wishes to preserve and protect beautiful places for all time will love this 50 minute movie by Jeff Dobbs, a masterful filmmaker who lives in Bar Harbor.

This is the same region where Roxanne Quimby has purchased land that she wishes to give to the people of America as a national park. Ms Quimby’s 70,000 acres is adjacent to Baxter State Park on the east and west of the Penobscot River.

Roxanne’s interests are the same as other philanthropists who gave such places as the Grand Tetons and Acadia to the National Park Service. Like those before her, Roxanne believes stewardship of this incomparable place means preserving it for future generations and not exploiting it for short term profit.

There are those who believe “there ain’t nothin’ to see up here,” but there are over 300 million people who cherish and visit our national parks each year who would disagree. Baxter State Park’s 70,000 yearly visitors would certainly not agree.

A new national park on Roxanne Quimby’s land would “brand” the area in a way that only a national park designation could and would introduce millions of people to the history, culture, and beauty of the Maine Woods.

Take the time to enjoy this wonderful movie and if you are asked to sign a petition favoring a feasibility study by the Park Service that would lead to the creation of a new national park in the Maine Woods, please do so and help make this vision and gift become a reality.