Exposing ALEC

ALEC – The American Legislative Exchange Council…. “legislative exchange?” That’s right. ALEC is made up of the super rich like the Koch brothers and multinational corporations that develop “model legislation” for right-wing controlled legislatures and Congress. Each state has ALEC co-chairs and Republican legislators doing their bidding….er…”exchange.”

These legislators (and governors) bring this legislation home and present it as their own bright policy initiatives, when in fact the same pieces of legislation can be seen moving through Republican controlled legislatures in dozens of states. The legislation is hostile to the environment and our voices in our government.

ALEC’s corporate partners buy legislators with millions and millions of dollars to enact legislation that enables them to exploit our resources and ruin the middle class. Don’t believe it? Watch this segment, especially the short clip of Paul Weyrich, the right-wing radical who founded ALEC. It should make our hair raise.

I’ll present Part II in the next Occupy Maine TV show that will expose the ALEC players in Maine beginning with Governor LePage.

For now, if you don’t know what ALEC is, start by watching this short video and then continue your own research into this shadowy organization.