Day 2 – Inchon Airport – Seoul, S. Korea

Departed from Boston’s Logan airport after spending the night in a motel. Flight left right on time at 9:10 am for a 2 hr flight to Detroit. Sitting next to me in the middle seat was Delta Airlines pilot Grant Proops, who immediately greeted me. It was somewhat of a serendipitous meeting since we shared a great deal in common on a variety of topics.

Grant lives near Boston and was on his way to join a Detroit-based flight crew that would make several flights this day. I had a Sam Adams while Grant had lunch. Before I new it, my plane was boarding for Seoul.

The Boeing 777 was completely full. Thank goodness I had secured aisle seats. The 3 meals were wonderful, with snacks and free wine and beer in between. I watched 3 moves during the 14 hr flight and could not sleep a wink! Took several walks up and down the aisles so got to stretch my legs and everything else that I could move.

Going through customs and immigration at Inchon was a breeze, and my bags were waiting on the carousel when I got there. Unfortunately, Fr. Pat Cunningham, a Columban missionary priest from Ireland, and I missed each other. That resulted in an hour-long cab ride that cost $90….Later found out the bus would have only cost about $6.

The Columban Missionary Center in Seoul is a very large complex. I’ll have some video in another blog. It has been pouring down rain since I arrived. Attached here is a short clip of my room…..very comfortable.

I think I’m going to spend a few days here to take in the sights and maybe even go up to the DMZ. Patrick will be going down to JeJu on Sunday and I think I’m going to fly down with him. The round-trip ticket is supposed to be about $140. That will save me another full day.

My room…