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Watch Leonard Cohen as he performs “Democracy” in the PBS special LEONARD COHEN LIVE IN LONDON

Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” is prophetic: “I love the country, but I can’t stand the scene…..Democracy is comin’ to the USA.”  For me, this song could be the Occupy Movement’s anthem.
After a 15 year absence, Leonard Cohen, one of the great signer/songwriters of our time, returned to the stage in London. The live performance aired on PBS and is available for viewing on youtube. I’m offering it here in support of the Occupy Movement in Maine and everywhere the voices of the people are crying out for justice, equality, and a voice.

Occupy Oakland Calls For City-Wide General Strike, Nov 2

This is what true Democracy looks like: millions of people in the streets scaring the shit out of Congress, Wall Street, and the 1%. Fear and hopelessness are being overcome in cities and towns all over this country, and the world. For too long, We The People have not been part of the equation. This land is our land, and we are taking it back! Click on the image below to read the article.

Sarah and Josh Taking “Occupy” to Augusta

Sarah, age 22, and Josh, age 29 from Augusta, Maine visited the Occupy Portland site to support, to listen, and to learn. They are taking it back to the state capitol in Augusta.

After listening to Sarah and Josh, and the other people I have interviewed, I don’t know how anyone can think the people in this movement don’t have a focus, or a mission, or an objective. Seems pretty clear to me.

It is so gratifying to see so many young people who are paying attention and taking their future into their own hands. And why not? The future is theirs and it doesn’t look very bright. And yet, they are full of hope.