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What Ferguson Really IS All About

This is not about race and to buy into that line is to miss the most pernicious attack on our freedoms…EVER!  What happened during the Vietnam War protests, Kent State, the riots in 1968-69 were only a preview of what was to come.

Kent_State_massacreUCDavis_peppersprayThe violent, systematic and coordinated put down of Occupy nation-wide by military-armed local police,  the U. Cal Davis student protest and the pepper spraying incident by university security guards dressed as riot cops, numerous accounts of local law enforcement in riot gear killing and brutalizing innocent and unarmed citizens – young and old – and of course the pre-planned lockdown of Boston after the marathon, all point to one thing: the dark forces that have overtaken our government know that massive uprisings are coming and they are prepared to hold onto their power at all costs.

Boston lockdownThey care nothing about us, life and human rights. These same dark forces are the ones behind the bombing and killing of innocents throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Iraqi man fireInitial-Baghdad-bombing-IraqWar-19March2003Hiroshima_1They are the same ones who funded both sides of WWI and WWII, and the same who continue the stalemate in Korea, extended the war in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos because war is profitable, and keeps them in power.

And they are the same ones backing the Israeli genocide in Gaza, and the neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine and the goading of Russia into war.

Who are these dark forces? “THEY” are the big banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the military industrial complex (all those good jobs in every state manufacturing articles of war), the multi and transnational corporations, and the elite, wealthy oligarchs, all of whom profit handsomely from war.

They will stop at nothing, not even the ravages of climate change which threatens all life on the planet, and to which they have contributed more than anything else.

Capitalism has been the evil, driving force behind it all…and Americans have fallen for the lies and myths of American Exceptionalism, The American Way of Life, and the spreading of freedom and Democracy around the world.

capitalism_893045If one honestly examines the facts since the discovery of the Americas by Europeans, it is a history of genocide, the abuse of human rights, endless wars for profit and the extraction of resources by force.

The facts are, America has invaded, bombed and created chaos more than 400 times all over the world since 1798. America has been responsible for untold millions of deaths of innocent civilians. And, instead of spreading freedom and Democracy around the world, America has spread nothing but death, destruction, and abject poverty.

It is important to understand that presidents and the U.S. Congress do not make foreign policy, conduct wars, and inflate the already bloated war budget. Politicians have long been puppets in the hands of these dark forces.

As my friend John Pilger has stated, “there are only two superpowers left in the world today; the regime in Washington, by which he means the dark forces controlling the U.S. government, and popular uprisings around the world.”

John concludes by saying, “If we remain silent, victory over us is assured.”

And therein lies the hope. The people of the world are rising up in China, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and Okinawa, The Philippines to name just a few.

egypt_3_108336545-676x450 Tiananmen-Square-protesto-001The uprising in Ferguson is in tune  with Occupy which is not dead, world-wide, and all of those millions of people everywhere demanding an end to war, an end to inequality, and an end to oppressive and tyrannical governments.

Our only hope as a human species is that we reach critical mass, a tipping point, when a new world order emerges that is based upon justice, equality,  freedom, and true democratic institutions.

It may be too late for Americans to wake up, take back our country and join the rest of the world in a peaceful, non-violent uprising. I hope not.

With the ravages of climate change threatening life on the planet within this century, there isn’t much time left.

Viva La Revolucion!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver puts the protests and over-the-top police oppression in Ferguson, Missouri in perspective. It is a must watch.