American Tourist in Seoul – Having way too much fun!

Never expected to discover what you will see in this short video.

First of all, Seoul is MORE commercialized that even NYC! Shops galore. Street vendors with food, drink, trinkets, souvenirs, clothes, phones….you name it!

Tall skyscrapers…all with corporate logos….the multinationals are alive, well, and dominating here.

The women are elegant, beautiful, and very poised. The younger ones look just like our kids…they wear Adidas, Abercrombie, Nike, etc. Tons of American baseball team hats. Way too many NY Yankee hats. Oh, and did I say, the women love to show as much leg as possible.

The streets are very clean, but very congested.

Lest I forget….the food is fabulous. Koreans, like Europeans, know how to eat AND drink. I love the food…and getting used to Kimchee! The rice wine is awesome…it looks like milk, but tastes nothing like milk or wine. Also drank local beer which is awesome, and the one traditional liquor is good and 19% alcohol. You don’t drink much of that.

By the way, whenever someone fills your glass or cup, you MUST hold it with TWO hands. And when pouring, one hand pours and the other holds onto the pouring bicep. And, the part I like the most….you NEVER, NEVER lift your glass unless everyone else hoists theirs and over a jovial toast!

Not sure if I’m supposed to be having such a good time. But, stay tuned….things are about to get interesting.

Enjoy this little fun thing I put together.