A Day of Infamy in the State of Maine

Tuesday, May 15h, 2012 will be remembered as day of infamy when LePage and the Republican controlled Legislators attacked the citizens of the State of Maine! On this day, voting along party lines, the Republicans eliminated vital healthcare for 20,000 Mainers…the poor, the sick, the elderly, and children.

There was an 11th hour rally that attempted to sway the Tea Party Republicans from approving the lord of the evil empire’s budget to devastate the most needy in our society while giving huge tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest among us, who neither wanted it nor asked for it.

I’m disheartened that the many advocacy groupsĀ  still cannot come together to stage a massive and continuous occupation of the state house to scare the living daylights out of the elected officials who supposedly represent us. I can only hope that those Republican legislators return home to their small towns and face the wrath of their friends, neighbors and relatives whom they have abandoned and betrayed.