89 yr old “Cimarron” on The Appalachian Trail

Breakfast at the Appalachian Trail Cafe in Millinocket, Maine on Wednesday (8/31/11) provided another serendipitous encounter with an extraordinary 89 yr old hiker. My friend Charlie Cirame and I were having breakfast with Brian Kevin, a young freelance writer, when we noticed a half dozen young AT hikers posing for pictures with someone who appeared to be somewhat of a celebrity.

A short time later, Jamie Renoud, the owner of the Cafe suggested that I interview the hiker who was attracting so much attention. I approached this gentlemen somewhat tentatively and asked if he’d do an interview. He replied with a big smile that he’d be glad to.

We sat down at one of the tables and I conducted a long, rambling interview with Cimarron. Rarely do I post a video this long, but it is well worth viewing , and I hope you enjoy meeting Cimarron as much as I did.