Itinerary Set for Pacific Trip

Dear Friends,

The good news is I have been able to book the entire filming itinerary to the Pacific. Thank you to all who have contributed.

That said, I am still short about $1,000 to cover some lodging, meals, local transportation, and incidentals. With one month left before I depart, I feel confident that my goal will be reached.

You can see the entire itinerary at the end of this post.

If you have planned to contribute, please do what you can. Also, please share this with like-minded friends.

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Thank you for investing in independent media. I am forever grateful.

Regis Tremblay

Pacific Itinerary
July 24  Boston to Tokyo and Osaka
July 25  Overnight in Osaka
July 26  Fly from Osaka to Okinawa arriving 19:50 on Peach Airlines Flight # MM219
July 29  Fly to Osaka  leave at 13:40 on Jetstar
July 29 – August 2  Global Network meeting in Kyoto
August 2 fly to Okinawa
August 5  fly to Hiroshima   staying at hotel
August 6  70th Anniversary staying at hotel
August 7  Visiting Hiroshima  staying at hotel
August 8 fly to Jeju Island arriving Jeju 8:20 pm…..via Incheon (arrive 11:10 am  – 8 hour layover….depart Incheon 7:05om)
August 18  Fly to Marshall Islands Majuro  (probably do a a day/night side trip to Kwajelein returning to Majuro.)
August 25 Fly to Guam and spend the night
August 26  Fly to Honolulu, Hawaii  to September 2
September 2 Fly to Seattle – visit with my sister to September 5
September 5  Fly home to Maine