Stylin’ – High Fashion, Hip and Business Side By Side

Women in Seoul are very fashion conscious as you will see in this short video. Many look like models. Regardless of what they are wearing, they are all pretty “with it.” The young kids dress just like American kids, and they all are texting onĀ  smartphones and listening to music in their headphones. Just about anything goes when it comes to clothing and footwear.

Most everyone is shopping….there are more beauty shops than I have ever seen. They say that S. Korea is the cosmetic make-over capitol of the world! Women come here from all over to improve their appearance.

And, oh! The kids are beautiful. Note, even first graders are dressed in uniforms, as are the older school kids….and that is in the public system!

Seoul, S. Korea – Consumerism on Steroids

Seoul is a very large, modern, metropolitan city of about 20 million nestled in mountains. The citizenry live in high-rise apartment buildings and since real estate is at a premium, everything goes “up.”

New buildings and old coexist making for very interesting neighborhoods. Tiny side streets twist and turn through neighborhoods while the main arteries are wide and very busy with cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters everywhere.

I put together this fun little video showing how busy and how commercialized it it. Without wanting to offend anyone, I have not seen this level of consumerism in America.

Enjoy this little bit of fun.

American Tourist in Seoul – Having way too much fun!

Never expected to discover what you will see in this short video.

First of all, Seoul is MORE commercialized that even NYC! Shops galore. Street vendors with food, drink, trinkets, souvenirs, clothes, phones….you name it!

Tall skyscrapers…all with corporate logos….the multinationals are alive, well, and dominating here.

The women are elegant, beautiful, and very poised. The younger ones look just like our kids…they wear Adidas, Abercrombie, Nike, etc. Tons of American baseball team hats. Way too many NY Yankee hats. Oh, and did I say, the women love to show as much leg as possible.

The streets are very clean, but very congested.

Lest I forget….the food is fabulous. Koreans, like Europeans, know how to eat AND drink. I love the food…and getting used to Kimchee! The rice wine is awesome…it looks like milk, but tastes nothing like milk or wine. Also drank local beer which is awesome, and the one traditional liquor is good and 19% alcohol. You don’t drink much of that.

By the way, whenever someone fills your glass or cup, you MUST hold it with TWO hands. And when pouring, one hand pours and the other holds onto the pouring bicep. And, the part I like the most….you NEVER, NEVER lift your glass unless everyone else hoists theirs and over a jovial toast!

Not sure if I’m supposed to be having such a good time. But, stay tuned….things are about to get interesting.

Enjoy this little fun thing I put together.

Korean Women Protest Japanese Military Sex Slavery

Every Wednesday outside of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, many women gather to protest and demand an apology from the Japanese for using Korean women and girls as sex slaves.

Today, a very large crowd of men, women, and children of all ages gathered along with lots of police and military to listen to speeches, chant, sing, and dance. The energy in the crowd was palpable.

Fortunately, there was not a confrontation with the police and they were not dressed in riot gear. No pepper spray either.

This is just a very short clip to give a feel of some of the action. I am amazed at the consistency and perseverance of the Korean people.
At the end of the video you will see one of the few surviving victims of those atrocities. Note also the children and young adults who are participating.

First impressions: these people know how to stage direct action! I’m told that various groups have been protesting many issues and they don’t back down from the police.

Enjoy and be inspired by this event.

Day 2 – Inchon Airport – Seoul, S. Korea

Departed from Boston’s Logan airport after spending the night in a motel. Flight left right on time at 9:10 am for a 2 hr flight to Detroit. Sitting next to me in the middle seat was Delta Airlines pilot Grant Proops, who immediately greeted me. It was somewhat of a serendipitous meeting since we shared a great deal in common on a variety of topics.

Grant lives near Boston and was on his way to join a Detroit-based flight crew that would make several flights this day. I had a Sam Adams while Grant had lunch. Before I new it, my plane was boarding for Seoul.

The Boeing 777 was completely full. Thank goodness I had secured aisle seats. The 3 meals were wonderful, with snacks and free wine and beer in between. I watched 3 moves during the 14 hr flight and could not sleep a wink! Took several walks up and down the aisles so got to stretch my legs and everything else that I could move.

Going through customs and immigration at Inchon was a breeze, and my bags were waiting on the carousel when I got there. Unfortunately, Fr. Pat Cunningham, a Columban missionary priest from Ireland, and I missed each other. That resulted in an hour-long cab ride that cost $90….Later found out the bus would have only cost about $6.

The Columban Missionary Center in Seoul is a very large complex. I’ll have some video in another blog. It has been pouring down rain since I arrived. Attached here is a short clip of my room…..very comfortable.

I think I’m going to spend a few days here to take in the sights and maybe even go up to the DMZ. Patrick will be going down to JeJu on Sunday and I think I’m going to fly down with him. The round-trip ticket is supposed to be about $140. That will save me another full day.

My room…

On The Road Again – Day 1

Paula drove me down to Boston this afternoon and we checked into a motel. With an early flight out of Boston at 9:10 am tomorrow, it made things a whole lot easier. Mexican dinner because On The Border is just across the parking lot!

My special “camera equipment” backpack weighs 35 lbs…..feels heavier than that. My one checked bag came in at 42 lbs – 8 lbs to spare on the 50 lb limit. And then there’s the tripod bag which will also be a carry-on. I will not say “I’m getting too old for this,” but I’m not getting any younger either!

Am I excited?


I will try to keep everyone posted, hopefully daily with a brief account of the day and a short video clip from the days filming.