10 Days and Counting

Dear friends and supporters,

With only ten days to departure for Japan and my month-long trip to the Pacific, I’m getting a little anxious and nervous. There are still many loose ends and things to do in preparation. Keeping me up at night.

I’m relieved that my biggest logistical problem, lodging in Hiroshima, has been solved. Thanks to local peace activists, I now have a place to stay. Because my stay overlaps with the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima all of the hotels and guest rooms are booked.

Lodging has also been confirmed on Majuro in the Marshall Islands and Guam.

Lodging in Gangjeong Village has been secured by my dear friend, Joyakgol, the activist who accompanied me on our cross-country screening tour of The Ghosts of Jeju in 2013. I’ll spend ten days on Jeju, actually working about 40% of the time, and will take time on this trip to see everything on this beautiful Island that I missed in 2012. I’ll use this stop to rest up a bit after 15 grueling days in Japan and to visit with the many friends I made.

My greatest concerns regarding my two short visits to Okinawa have been relieved, thanks to the efforts of a Japanese-American living in NYC and her contacts in Okinawa, along with the assistance of Edo Heinrich-Sanchez, an American veteran and activist living there. Lodging has been confirmed, translators found, and a series of location shoots and interviews have been organized.

My stay in Hawaii has not as of yet been finalized, but local activists have offered to help.

I  want to thank Veterans for Peace National, VFP #001 – Tom Sturdevant Chapter here in Maine, the Smedley Butler Chapter in Boston, Pax Christi Maine, and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space for being major sponsors  of the film.

Thanks also to several local VFP Chapters around the country for their contributions.

And, of course,  thanks to everyone who has contributed financially towards this trip. Without you it would not have been possible.

If you are receiving this and have not contributed, it isn’t too late. Every little bit helps.

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Thank you for investing in independent media.

Regis Tremblay